Hummingbird: New Google Algorithm Change

hummingbird algorithm updateA new change to the Google algorithm was announced today.

It’s been called Hummingbird – named because it’s “precise and fast”. Apparently this is the biggest change to  the Google search algorithm since 2001 and was announced today, on Google’s 15th birthday.

This isn’t a snap update though, Google may have made the announcement today, but the Hummingbird update happened in early September, and if your website was affected, you’ll know about it by now :(

It’s important to understand that this is a change to the way Google answers search questions, rather than an update such as Penguin or Panda. Hummingbird aims to give more realistic and natural answers to search questions by looking more at the whole phrase a user may ask, rather than a few selected keywords.

With the rise of search specific apps e.g. travel and voice enabled programs such as Siri, the introduction of Hummingbird has brought Google up to date.

Hummingbird went live at the start of September and after looking at our data we cannot see that any of our clients were adversely affected by its introduction. As regular ezine readers will know, I’ve always advocated content led online marketing and Hummingbird endorses this approach, so it’s good news :)

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Hummingbird: New Google Algorithm Change
News of the Google Hummingbird update to the algorithm.
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