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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 10 March 2014

Audiobook_logo_smallHere I am again for my latest round up news and I have a lot  of good reads in store for you. So here we go…

10 Free Audiobook Sites to Get Your Bookworm On http://bit.ly/1kZrzmp [do you listen rather than read?]

7 Proven Secrets of High-Converting Checkouts http://bit.ly/1eVB8lH [Good read]

 The Art Of Doing Everything: http://bit.ly/1laZPLC via @fastcompany

“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” – Woody Guthrie

A Brief History of the Domain Name http://on.mash.to/1lorfh9

Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads:http://bit.ly/1gdWieL via @Moz

The One Question Every Entrepreneur Asks http://bit.ly/1gdWivi via @Inc

What Type of Content Gets Shared the Most on Twitter? http://bit.ly/1h6v4F3

How to Measure Progress in Your Personal Goals: Daily, Weekly and Monthlyhttp://bit.ly/1gdWhaG

4 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing http://bit.ly/1losjBD

Thank you for joining me this week and hope to see you all again soon!


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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 24 February 2014

BlogHow are you today everyone? I am very excited to once again bring you the latest news, articles and opinions from the online marketing world. Enjoy and don’t forget to share the word.

How not to fail at social media like MasterCard http://bit.ly/1mwfgCn

Do Something Different Today to Help Grow Your Blog http://bit.ly/1mwjiLc

How to Encourage Google+ Fans to Share Your Content http://bit.ly/1mwjutH

8 Simple Tips to Edit Your Own Blog http://bit.ly/NeDssS

Thank you, and welcome to the new Google Maps http://bit.ly/1mwjOso [I love “walking” down streets in Google Maps]

Useful Learning Resources For Web Designers http://bit.ly/NeE9CB

5 Social Media Trends for 2014, New Research http://bit.ly/1mwkk9R

The you called brand http://bit.ly/NeENzT

Do you love your customers? http://bit.ly/NeERzC

Finish one project before you start another. http://bit.ly/1mwkZrU [I have always needed to take this advice!]

That’s my Twitter news round up post for this week. Stay tuned for more next week and have a lovely weekend!

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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 10 February 2014

Screenshot_2014-01-24-14-49-11.pngAnd we are back with our interesting news, articles and opinions from the world of Online Marketing. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Walter White’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video Is the Only One Worth Watchinghttp://on.mash.to/1ggkzQH [clever]

Used iPhone With Flappy Bird Selling for $100,000 on eBay http://bit.ly/1ggg7kP

23 Hidden References in The Beatles Songs http://bit.ly/1gggKeb

Instagram Addicts Everywhere Are Uniting Offline at InstaMeets http://bit.ly/1eNsipk

Your Embarrassing Internet Pictures Won’t Be There Forever http://on.mash.to/1gghtMx [very interesting article!]

Where Do You Go When You’ve Maxed Out SEM? http://selnd.com/1eNt4CX [thoughts on advertising online]

The 12 Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers http://bit.ly/1eNtoBD

The Complete Cycle of YouTube-ing http://bit.ly/1ggiFPW

12 Ways to Embarass Your Friends on Their Birthdays http://on.mash.to/1ggjGaA

You Can Now Put Animated GIFs on Pinterest http://bit.ly/1b8ICzx [woot!]

And there you have it. Hope you had fun and enjoyed reading. See you soon!

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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 16 December 2013

gmail für alleChristmas is coming along fast. But before taking off for your Christmas vacation, here’s the latest from the online marketing world –   something for you to read on and share.

Embrace the Binge: Netflix Viewers Average 2.3 Episodes per Sitting http://bit.ly/1j2xFVG [24 all over again!]

Google Tips Helps You Do Cool Stuff With Google Products http://bit.ly/1h68DR2 [attn. online retailers]

Did Google Autocomplete Ruin This Man’s Life? http://bit.ly/1j2xTwa [oh dear]

≈ Gmail Just Delivered Coal For Christmas http://bit.ly/1h68U6N [email marketers beware!]

The Instagram Direct Primer: Everything You Need to Know http://bit.ly/1j2y36C

8 Twitter Hashtags You’re Not Using Yet http://bit.ly/1h69dhY

15 Pinterest Users Every Designer Should Follow http://bit.ly/1j2yxtn

There you have it. I’ll see you again soon for more news, updates and articles. Have a great Christmas time with your families!

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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 25 November 2013

social crmAnd here goes my weekly Twitter round up post. Get the hottest news from the online marketing world and spread the word.

The Searcher’s Guide To Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping http://selnd.com/18rUspu

On Twitter, People Don’t Hate Black Friday as Much This Year http://bit.ly/18rURII

How To Run A Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign http://bit.ly/1b3usOP [good tips]

Story as Strategy: How Social Storytelling Leads to Business http://bit.ly/18rRotG

5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business http://bit.ly/18rV1zH

The Day I Almost Lost My Blogging Business By Having Too Many Eggs in the One Basket http://bit.ly/1b3uC8X [scary]

The Most Memorable Brand Wins and Fails of 2013 http://bit.ly/1b3tQZC [great article]

There you have it. Join me again next week for another round of interesting updates. Till then!

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