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How to Create Social Media Content to Stand Out From the Crowd!

social media content creation tipsA few years ago, the only social media content people tended to create was written. You would write blogs. You would write articles for your website. If you were really flashy, you might put together a video.

But the world is changing and it’s changing so fast. There are so many different ways that you can communicate with your customers [or with your readers if you’re a blogger], so I thought I would take some time to share with you a few of things I do.

Firstly obviously I write. I will write a few articles but I will also record audio. I like to use a system called Audioboo which is free for a limited voice recording. It’s very, very easy, trust me!

Just record something very quickly and easily and upload it to Audioboo. You will then get a little bit of code generated for you automatically. You just have to cut and paste and put that into a blog post and then you can actually be speaking on your website!

The other thing you can do is create a video. If you’re a little bit shy, and you don’t really want to be putting yourself out there on video, you can still make use some of the coolness of video. You can create some content on slides and use something called SlideShare which will enable you to create a short video that’s just made up of those slides. Animoto is another great way to create content through video, images, text, and words.

For more of my social media content creation tips, take a peek at the video below…

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How to Improve Customer Trust with Your Website and Online Marketing Strategy

how to increase customer trustAt So Much Better we feel very strongly about customer trust, not least because the businesses that we work with privately have to put a lot of trust into us and what we do for them.

Different businesses have different views on what exactly trust is all about and how to improve trust between themselves and their clients and customers.

Here are some ways you can improve customer trust:

Make sure that you’ve got an About Us page and that’s very clearly signposted on the front of your page and that you provide a few more details there rather than “we’re this business and we’re located here.”

Tell people your name. Put a photo up there. Let them know a little bit about what your business is like and how you like to run it. All this kind of information on your About Us page will help people trust you just a little bit more.

Secondly, it’s really important to make sure that you have everything that you need on your website that you’re required to for legal reasons.

So for example, if you’re VAT-registered then you need a company registration number that’s visible on your website. If you’re based in Europe, you have to comply to various online selling regulations.

Make sure you have a site-wide privacy policy.

[More tips in the video below]


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How to Use Pinterest for Business Even if You Don’t Sell Products

pinterest for business

I was contacted the other day by a business owner who was interested in using Pinterest to promote their business.

Pinterest has become huge over the last kind of 18 months since it moved out of beta and businesses are increasingly using it to market themselves. This entrepreneur asked for advice about how you can do that no matter what your business really is.

We know that Pinterest is particularly used by women at a particular age bracket and it has a lot of popular themes particularly in terms of style, beauty, fashion and recipes. Food is also big on Pinterest.

What do you do if you’re outside those kinds of areas in your business and you want to share information with people that use Pinterest and they haven’t come across you before? How do you do that and make that interesting? Let’s face it. It’s a visual social media so you’ve got to have interesting stuff to look at.

Watch my latest video to find our more…

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Online Marketing World: Using Google+ and tips for e-commerce success

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How to Embed a Google+ Post on Your Blog

Google+ EmbedIn September 2013 Google introduced an easy way to share content from Google+ on to your blog or websites by adding [embedding] a Google+ post on your site. This is a great way to increase interaction and means that you can +1 a post, comment, or follow the post’s author straight from the embedded post.

You can use this easy technique to highlight a Google+ post within a news article or on a personal blog simply by clicking the “Embed post” tab from the drop down menu in the Google+ post’s upper right-hand corner. Then all you need to do is copy and paste the available line of code to embed the post, including both photos and text, straight onto your website.

Watch my quick video to learn how to do this and why it’s such a cool feature 🙂

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Top 10 Tweets this week: All about Pinterest and creating an Annual Marketing Calendar

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