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Why You Should Think About Naming Your Pages

If you are building a website that has important information for potential customers on pages other than the main homepage you’ll want to ensure that you have adequately named your pages. This is also important when it comes to adding pages to directories and search engines. It’s much easier for the user to understand you if your pages are named accurately.

Ideally you’d be able to use the name page in the website address. For example, rather than having a random list of numbers or letters after the domain name directing to a frequently asked questions page, you could have which is obvious when listed in search directories. It’s also going to make the information much easier to find. It’s also a key part of website optimisation. As customers get a feel for your website and realize pages have been named logically they can simply type this in to find your questions page rather than having to find the right links and clicks to make to get there.

To do this you need to look into using permalinks. These become permanent locations of certain files or pages on your website and you can use these to access a page directly, without needing to click through from another location on the site. It’s a great way to get people directly to a shopping cart or similar pages.

Setting up permalinks will depend largely on your website host and software that you use to build your site. If you are hiring a designer who is also going to take your website live rather than send you each page as a file for you to upload, then you’ll need to talk to them about making effective permalinks a component to your sites’ design. It’s a much more professional look overall, but it will depend on the programs and host used. Some will automatically use the title of your page, so work on naming the page in the way you want it in the website address.

How to Become an Expert in Your Field Online

If your business is in a particular industry or you offer services to a specific field then you should consider your personal reputation. This means YOU! The professional behind the business, not your home life. While your business may be well regarded, if you can demonstrate that you are someone considered an expert in your field, then you’ll find that your customers are much more likely to trust your business choices and believe the information within your sales and website details.

There are a few ways to do this, but the best is to actually know your area inside out. Learn everything you can about the procedures that are in place, both common and unusual and make sure you gain the knowledge that will support you against any questions you may be asked by potential customers.

If you can, try to write articles about your products or industry and publish them on your blog or website or through a third party article site such as Ezine Articles. If you offer your knowledge without the hard sell people are more likely to respect and believe that you know exactly what you’re talking about. You can also look at gaining professional memberships and showing all of this information on your website, for example, the FSB.

Another way to increase your reputation as an expert is to create a website or blog all about you! This can contain your history in the industry, qualifications information and link to every article you publish elsewhere. You can use this website as a way to encourage consumers to read more about you and hear what you have to say. You could create a blog to do this using your own name e.g. or a third-party platform perhaps like Don’t forget, you can also create your own sites on or

One way to do promote your “expert site” is to have it featured prominently on your business website. Giving people access to this business related info immediately brings a level of trust to your customers, especially if they don’t actually know you personally.

Why It’s Important to Have Good Website Design

website design seoAt my first LIVE training event I’ll be covering SEO and websites – it’s the first step in my online marketing success system. In the meantime, here’s some more info on website design and why it’s so important 🙂

It’s important that your website layout is logical and easy to navigate. Internet users who land on your website can get easily frustrated if it is difficult to find information they need, and with fast internet speeds and search engines offering many alternatives, it can be easier for them to simply close your site and go somewhere else.

One of the easiest ways to organize your website is to look at your menus. Having clearly defined menu choices will make finding pages much easier. It’s also best to have links to all pages, and not lead users into a maze, clicking through to find the right link to their ultimate destination. Have a specific purpose for each page that you add, rather than flooding the site with many pages that could have been condensed into one or that are irrelevant to what you’re selling, or your business overall.

It’s also important that you name your pages clearly and accurately so that people can visit a page and see within seconds exactly what information is located there. This saves users wasting time reading through information only to discover that what they are looking for is not on the page. They are much less likely to keep searching if they feel that other pages are going to be designed the same way.

It is also important to tag your pages correctly. This will lead users to the page they need more often, rather than to homepages or unrelated information. They can easily land on your website on exactly the page they were looking for.

Finally, keep all of your content easily recognizable. Clearly mark changes in content or topic and where it makes sense, use bullet points instead of full sentences. This allows a quick glance at each point when looking for relevant details rather than a potential customer being turned away by having to read an essay to find a single sentence of detail applicable to them.

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