So Much Better News Round Up w/b 10 March 2014

Audiobook_logo_smallHere I am again for my latest round up news and I have a lot  of good reads in store for you. So here we go…

10 Free Audiobook Sites to Get Your Bookworm On [do you listen rather than read?]

7 Proven Secrets of High-Converting Checkouts [Good read]

 The Art Of Doing Everything: via @fastcompany

“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” – Woody Guthrie

A Brief History of the Domain Name

Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads: via @Moz

The One Question Every Entrepreneur Asks via @Inc

What Type of Content Gets Shared the Most on Twitter?

How to Measure Progress in Your Personal Goals: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

4 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Thank you for joining me this week and hope to see you all again soon!


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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 10 March 2014
My news round up post from the previous week
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