So Much Better News Round Up w/b 21 October 2013

WOW - Vint Cerf in Buenos Aires (Internet's Dad & Google's Chief Internet Evangelist)The online marketing world is constantly changing so here’s some news items, articles and opinions which caught our eye over the last week.

When Not Completing Things Might Be Good For Your Blog [interesting read!]

3 Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets [what do you use?]

The Perks of Inbox Zero [is this even possible?]

Get Ready for More ‘Interest-Based’ Facebook Ads in Your News Feed [hmmmm]

9 Absolutely Petrifying Places on the Internet [dear oh dear]

Twitter Feature Lets You DM Those Not Following You [my DMs are very spammy these days :(]

How To Optimize For Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

8 Innovative LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

Twitter Adds Scheduled Tweets for Advertisers Only [interesting news]

How Social Data Changes Everything We Know About Marketing Strategies [certainly does!]

So, that’s our industry news round up for this week – see you again next time!

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So Much Better News Round Up w/b 21 October 2013
My Twitter news round up from the previous week

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