So Much Better News Round Up w/b 25 November 2013

social crmAnd here goes my weekly Twitter round up post. Get the hottest news from the online marketing world and spread the word.

The Searcher’s Guide To Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Shopping

On Twitter, People Don’t Hate Black Friday as Much This Year

How To Run A Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign [good tips]

Story as Strategy: How Social Storytelling Leads to Business

5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business

The Day I Almost Lost My Blogging Business By Having Too Many Eggs in the One Basket [scary]

The Most Memorable Brand Wins and Fails of 2013 [great article]

There you have it. Join me again next week for another round of interesting updates. Till then!

Article Name
So Much Better News Round Up w/b 25 November 2013
My Twitter news round up from the previous week
photo by: Sean MacEntee

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