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local seo local online marketing Local businesses need  local SEO more than ever now.

If you’re a small or medium sized business, then you probably recognize the importance of having a website.

Many of your local competitors have one – ranging from pretty to a website “only a mother could love” and often with no SEO (on page and off page) to help them reach local customers.

There’ll also be businesses near you having a go at Social Media, either half setting something up, or not linking it to all their other entities in the right way. And if they’re blogging too, then best not talk about the quality of their posts.

Those are just the businesses that ARE having a go, just not very well. There are many that are too scared to go there to start with.

ALL of which means a big opportunity for YOUR local business to reach more customers online with our local consultancy services to support you and bring you more sales.

Our local SEO services include:

  • Local websites – including mobile website creation [this enables your local customers to find you using their mobile phone]
  • Google Places listings – fully optimized and helping your business reach more people
  • Social Media Marketing – Get in with the locals and start making conversations that raise your profile and lead to sales.
  • Market leadership – You know your business is the best – let us help you make sure your community knows this too.

Unlike many seo and online marketing companies we offer totally bespoke solutions tailored to your  business – no “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” for our local clients.

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