How to Use Pinterest for Business Even if You Don’t Sell Products

pinterest for business

I was contacted the other day by a business owner who was interested in using Pinterest to promote their business.

Pinterest has become huge over the last kind of 18 months since it moved out of beta and businesses are increasingly using it to market themselves. This entrepreneur asked for advice about how you can do that no matter what your business really is.

We know that Pinterest is particularly used by women at a particular age bracket and it has a lot of popular themes particularly in terms of style, beauty, fashion and recipes. Food is also big on Pinterest.

What do you do if you’re outside those kinds of areas in your business and you want to share information with people that use Pinterest and they haven’t come across you before? How do you do that and make that interesting? Let’s face it. It’s a visual social media so you’ve got to have interesting stuff to look at.

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