Mark Burrows – Chicken House Poultry

Mark BurrowsI started using the services of So Much Better Online Marketing in November 2013 to help improve the ranking and visibility of my website. It was to be for a 3 month period but after the 3 months were up I was so impressed with the results that I decided to extend the period and I have been with So Much Better ever since.

When I first started Alison went through a plan of action which was then implemented by her team. My website went from being absolutely nowhere to being No1 on Google for my 3 main search terms.

On top of this a lot of work was done to improve the overall visibility of my business as a whole via a local campaign and social media. Verna her technical expert has also sorted several website issues for me.

Overall Alison & all of her team have been a real pleasure to work with and are very good at understanding what you want and Alison is always keen to offer new ways to help improve my business.

I can only say that I will continue to use Alison & her team for the foreseeable future and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mark Burrows

Cally Robson – She’s Ingenious

Cally Robson She's Ingenious“In Search Engine Optimization there are a lot of pretenders to the throne. But Alison Rothwell really is queen of geek when it comes to making a website work hard for its living.

If you need high quality, relevant traffic to your website, and visitors that will convert to customers, learn from Alison.”

Nick James – My Social Radio

nick“Not everyone is your friend… BUT, and this is a big “but” you DO need to find one or more people you CAN rely on to always be good to you.

May I make a suggestion for you …Alison Rothwell… She is someone you can rely on – I will stake my reputation on her integrity.”

Keira O’Mara – Mama Designs Ltd

keira o maraI hired Alison to work on my SEO for my Mamascarf website, as I knew I would not be able to dedicate the time to it myself.

I am really pleased with the results, I am now on Google page 1 for my top 3 search terms. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about improving their ranking.

She really knows her stuff!

Amy Taylor – Taylor Accountancy

Amy Taylor Review“Alison and her team have really helped me get noticed online and I am receiving many more queries from people that have found me on Google than before she started helping me.

I love seeing my Facebook business page full of interesting content, my Twitter account getting much more interaction, and am pleased that I am starting to see actual client conversion from all those new leads that are coming through.”

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